About Us

My name is Samantha McCarty, and I am the sole member of Serenity Pet Care Professionals LLC, founded in November of 2019. Serenity Pet Care Professionals LLC is bonded (to protect your home), insured (to protect your pet), and I have been trained and certified in Canine and Feline CPR and First Aid. In spring of 2022 I completed Fear Free Certification. I currently own five rescue animals: Onion Ring and Meatloaf (guinea pigs), Andie (female cat), Ambler (male dog), and Bella (female tortoise).

Since 2016 I have been pursing my passion for animals in one form or another. I have worked with and assisted in managing a local cat rescue, served as an assistant-manager in a pet supply store, and spent a few years working for a local dog groomer. Each of these experiences has provided me with unique, invaluable lessons on pet care and handling.

Throughout that time I also pet sat sporadically, and often found myself eager for the next job. I found a great sense of pride in providing my clients with the utmost quality of care and hearing pet parents report that they were happy to have had me looking after their pets; that they were thankful they did not have to worry.
This ambition to provide worry-free pet sitting services inspired me to build my own business as a professional. It also inspired my business name.

Serenity: the state of being calm, peaceful, untroubled

Oxford Languages

I strongly believe that all pet owners should be able to feel a sense of serenity when leaving their pet in the hands of a professional. There should be absolutely no question at all as to the compassion and quality of care that your pet is receiving.
For me, pet sitting is about much more than simply taking care of pets. I aim to enrich and nurture the animals in my care, to provide support and guidance as needed for my clients. To support these goals I am constantly on the lookout for new educational opportunities that will allow me to better serve my clients.