Additional Services and Charges

Nail Trimming

Healthy paws are an essential part of a healthy pet! Our nail trimming service involves clipping and/or filing of your pets nails as well as trimming the pads of the feet. We cannot guarantee this service for pets who are highly reactive or aggressive, but with time and conditioning we are firm believers that all pets can have a stress free nail trimming experience.

$15…..Nail clipping and/or filing, as well as pad hair trimming, based on your pets needs and comfort levels. This service in currently only available for canines and felines. We will bring our own tools for nail trimming services.

Professional Brushing

Because we view it as a part of everyday pet care, basic brushing is provided to all pets in our care as necessary. For pets with higher maintenance coats (such as those with dense undercoats, those kept in a full/long coat, and curly coated dogs prone to matting), owners can request additional coat maintenance. We may use the pet owner’s tools or bring our own, depending on the pets condition and the type of tools the client owns.

$20…..Up to 30 minutes of professional coat maintenance as necessary for the individual pet’s coat type. Specifics of care will be assessed based on the pet’s condition and discussed with the owner prior to the start of services. Charge is for the coat care of one pet.

Holiday Surcharges

The holidays are a time to be with family- and while there is no greater privilege than the trust you place in us to take care of your family, it means being away from our own.

$5…..additional charge to each drop-in visit
$10…..additional charge to over-night service

The following holidays are subject to an additional surcharge based on the service being provided:
New Year’s eve, New Year’s day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas eve, and Christmas day.