Drop-in Visits

Individual visiting lasting 15, 30, or 60 minutes in duration. Extremely flexible, these visits allow for a range of services depending on the needs of a particular family.

$15…..15 minute visits are great for feeding and litter cleaning, simple medication distribution, and quick potty breaks.
$20…..30 minute visits offer additional time for short walks, slow socialization for timid pets, and interactive play for more energetic ones.
$30…..60 minute visits are perfect for the pet that just need more one-on-one attention, more time spent with a human companion.

We require that all non-canine pets under our care are visited at least once every 24 hours, however we strongly encourage two visits per 24 hour period.
We require that all canines under our care are visited at least three times every 24 hours, whether through multiple drop-in visits or a combination of over-night stay and drop-in visit.