Existing clients: “My Info”

“My Info” is where your contact information, emergency contact, and home information are kept. You can view the information you provided and edit it at any time.

To access “My Info”, make sure the left-hand menu is open (may require clicking the 3 horizontal bars in the top left corner of the screen). Click “Petcare”, then “My Info”. The window that opens will automatically provide you the opportunity to edit all fields. Simply edit the field you wish, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click the green save button. If you wish, you can use the “Next” button under each section, or the “-” button at the right side of each section title, to collapse individual sections. Clicking the “+” button that appears after being collapsed will allow you to re-open the section.

Below is a detailed breakdown of exactly what is being asked for in each section.

Field nameWhat I’m asking for
NameThe primary contacts first and last name; there is a spot later for info on your partner
Cell PhoneCell phone number
Work PhoneWork phone number (not required)
Home PhoneHome phone number (not required)
Primary PhoneSelect your preferred phone number. This number will be the default one the system shows me first. I suggest your cell.
Primary E-mail Address(es)The e-mail to send invoices, confirmations, journal updates, etc. If you’d like to use more than one, separate them with commas (example@gmail.com, example2@gmail.com)
Communication PreferencesChose what e-mail topics you’re open to receiving. Scheduling Confirmations are sent when I accept your requested service. Pet Care Journals are sent after every visit to update you on your pet. Important Business Updates may include price changes, weather info, service changes, etc. Marketing is advertising (not generally used).
Automatically Tip (each requested service)You can use this to automatically apply a tip to each service. Percent will apply a percent of the cost of service, Dollars will apply a flat dollar amount to each service. Tips can also be added manually to every invoice when you pay!
Details section
Field nameWhat I’m asking for
AddressStreet address

Zip codeZip code
How did you hear about us?Please tell us how you heard about us! If it was a current client or a vets office, please share their name. Google, Nextdoor, Facebook, and Events may all be other sources!
Service Address section
Field nameWhat I’m asking for
Partner Name & PhoneThe name and phone number of your spouse, partner, boyfriend/girlfriend, etc. Should live in the residence.
Emergency Contact: Name, Relationship, Phone numberA contact who you trust with decisions about and care for your pet in the event of emergency where you cannot be reached and for any reason I cannot render service. Should be somebody local who does NOT travel with you. This person should be informed that they are the emergency contact. The name (first and last), relationship (parent, cousin, friend, etc.), phone number.
Others with Regular Home AccessAnybody who might have access to your home or yard! Lawn care, pool care, cleaning services, neighbors or family members with a key.
Partner E-mail Address(es)The e-mail address of your spouse, partner, boyfriend/girlfriend, etc.
Additional Contacts section
Field nameWhat I’m asking for
Lockbox/Door CodeIf you have a keypad lock, this is the place to enter the lock code. If you are using a lock box for your house key, this is the place to enter the lock box code. If you are asking me to use a garage pin pad, this is the place to enter the garage code.
Home Alarm SystemPlease select yes or no. If yes:
Provide alarm company name and phone number (in case of any issue of malfunction)
Provide location of alarm panel (be as specific as possible)
Provide the password if I should need to speak with the alarm company (malfunction or accidental trigger)
Provide the code and directions to arm and disarm the alarm
Please note that if I do not have this info and there is an alarm issue, it will count towards your visit time. If I do not have this info and the alarm company sends the police, I cannot enter the home until they arrive.
Home Camera System? Indoors or outdoors?Indicate yes or no regarding the use of security cameras. If yes, indicate indoors or outdoors, and location. This is done to verify that cameras are NOT kept in bathrooms or the space you’re asking the sitter to sleep.
Home Access/Parking NotesAny doors that stick or don’t latch properly, garage openers that don’t always work, gates that are prone to issues, door you prefer I enter the house through, etc. Anything quirky to know about accessing your home. Any place you specifically ask that I do or do not park.
Home Access section
Field nameWhat I’m asking for
House ChecklistSelect appropriate fields
Drop-in Visit ChecklistSelect appropriate fields
Overnight ChecklistSelect appropriate fields
Checklists section
Field nameWhat I’m asking for
Type of FencingIndicate if you have no fence, a standard (wood/PVC/chain link) fence, invisible fence, or electric fence
Trash/Recycling (inside)Please provide the location of your indoor trash and recycling cans (be as specific as possible)
Trash/Recycling (outside)Please provide the location of your outdoor trash and recycling cans (be as specific as possible)
Trash/Recycling Pickup Day(s)Select the day(s) that your trash and recycling are picked up. Over long stays, I may put cans down the evening before the indicated day.
Pet Waste DisposalPlease indicate where pet waste is disposed of and how it is collected.
If you have cats, please specify how many litter boxes you have and where they’re located.
If you have multiple species, indicate for each one. For example: bag poop on walks, put in outside trash; use rake and pan on porch to pick up yard and bag, put in outside trash; scoop cat litter into litter genie, change bag if full; do not worry about picking up poop in yard; use bags to pick up poop in yard and put in bucket near gate.
Be specific!
Cleaning SuppliesI may need to clean up muddy dogs, urine, feces, spilled food/liquid, vomit, etc. Please tell me what you use and where it is kept. This may include vacuum, broom, mop, disinfectant, paper towels, chlorox wipes, pet urine eliminator, towels and rags.
Breaker BoxPlease provide the location of breaker box (incase of electrical issue, tripped switch, etc). Also welcome to provide contact info for property management/preferred electrician.
Water shutoffPlease provide the location of the main water shut off (incase of flooding, broken pipes). Also welcome to provide contact info for property management/preferred plumber.
Thermostat Location & InstructionsPlease provide location of thermostat and any necessary directions of operating it. Generally this is not needed, but may be adjusted if the home is uncomfortably hot or cold (for example, colder than 66 or hotter than 76).
TV/WiFi InstructionsPlease provide WiFi name and password. This is used for the business phone (to send updates) and laptop (during overnight stays).
If there is anything specific to know about operating the TV (multiple remotes, sound systems, etc.), please indicate here.
Pet CarriersIf applicable, indicate where pet carriers are kept in case of emergency (hard crates, soft crates, seat belt adaptors/car seats, etc).
Additional SuppliesLocation of pet beds, crate, litter box, small animal cages, etc.
Sleeping Location for Overnight ServicesPlease indicate where I will be sleeping if overnight services are requested (even if you are not booking overnight care now, if you think you ever might, please specify).
If you never intend to book overnight care, please fill out NA.
House NotesThis is a spot to tell me about anything else in the home you think I should know about!
Please note any rooms in the house which pets are NOT allowed in, any furniture pets are NOT allowed on, etc.
Limitations on Food Preparation?Please let me know if there is any food you ask me NOT to eat or prepare in your home. If you keep kosher, vegan/vegetarian, have severe food allergies, etc.
Home Information section
Field nameWhat I’m asking for
Vet Practice, NameThe vet your pets have seen most recently. You can scroll through the ones previously entered and select one, or select “NEW” and enter the information for the clinic.
Veterinarian section