Existing Clients: “My Pets”

“My Pets” is where information is kept on each of your pets. Every pet in the home should have an individual profile (fish sharing the same tank, with the name needs, can be kept in a single profile). This includes dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, ferrets, mice, turtles, frogs, snakes, etc. Even if you do not expect to ask us to care for this pet, please provide their information.

To access “My Pets”, make sure the left-hand menu is open (may require clicking the 3 horizontal bars in the top left corner of the screen). Click “Petcare”, then “My Pets”.
On this screen, you will see a grey table with each of your exiting pets. At the right end of each animals you’ll see 3 buttons: a downward arrow, a pencil, and a gear.
The arrow button will expand the view of your pets information in the table.
The pencil button gives you the ability to edit your pets profile.
The gear button gives you the option to edit your pets profile, mark them inactive (makes it so you cannot view them in your profile/cannot book them for services; we can still see the pet on the administrative end), or mark them deceased (you will no longer see the pet on your end; we can still see the pet on the administrative end).

If you click on the edit button, it will take you into the “Update Pet” page, sometimes opening the “Details” section first, and sometimes opening the “Medical” sections first.
Each section can be collapsed using the “-” button in the section header banner, or the next button at the end of the section. Each section can be expanded using the “+” button in the section header banner.
Simply edit the field you wish, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click the green save button.

Below is a detailed breakdown of exactly what is being asked for in each section.
**Not all of these fields will be asked for with all animals; this should be every possible field you’ll see.

Field nameWhat I’m asking for
NameThe name of the pet you’re providing information on
AnimalThe species of the pet you’re providing information on (dog, cat, fish, etc.).
Breed/TypeThe specific breed of the pet you’re providing information on (Bulldog, Yorkshire terrier, mutt, domestic short hair, Siamese, Betta, Goldfish, etc.).
Born/AgeThe estimated or exact age of the animal you’re providing information on. Please include at least a year in order to estimate age if exact date of birth is unknown.
ChecklistsPlease select all applicable fields, especially pertaining to pet behavior. While we make a point to keep people and other animals away from pets when we are walking or in the yard, it is always best to know in advance of any potential triggers.
Details section
Field nameWhat I’m asking for
Color/MarkingIndicate the color of the pet you’re providing information on, and pattern if applicable (black, white, tripoint, brindle, dapple, etc.)
GenderIndicate sex of the pet you’re providing information on.
Spayed/NeuteredIndicate whether the pet you’re providing information on is altered or intact.
WeightIndicate the approximate weight of the pet you’re providing information on.
My Pet StaysIndicate where the pet you’re providing information on stays when alone in the house.
Additional section
Field nameWhat I’m asking for
PersonalityDescribe your pets personality to us. Energetic, anxious, reserved, slow to warm up, feisty, selective, etc.
Pet Routine & Time Used to Being AloneDescribe your pets daily routine in general detail; you’ll fill out specifics of walking and feeding later on.
Do specify how long your pet is comfortable being alone.
Example: up around 7, walk, breakfast, crated while we work (2-7 hours), walk, hanging out after work, dinner, bed. Sometimes we practice training or he gets a frozen marrow bone for enrichment.
Walking Routes, Type & Location of GearIndicate what tools are used to walk your dog (front clip harness, flat collar, martingale collar, prong collar, standard leash, retractable leash, etc.) and where they are kept (next to front door, in garage, etc.).
Describe the length of walk your pet is used to (10/20/30 minutes) and approximate walking path.
Fears, Anxieties, Triggers, Etc.Describe anything which might stress your pet out or cause unpredictable reactions, and describe the reaction. Fireworks, thunder, hats, men, children, small animals, birds, bicycles, sunglasses, rapid movement, raised arms, etc. Barking, lunging, bolting, herding, biting, etc. PLEASE BE AS SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE so we can keep things safe and stress free.
Other Behavioral NotesDescribe anything else which we should know about your pets behavior. If they only eat with a release word, if they have a history of fence hopping or killing rodents, etc.
Brand of Food & Storage LocationDescribe the brand and formula of food you feed, and where it is kept. PLEASE BE AS SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE in the event that we need to buy food while you’re away.
Feeding Practice, Time & PortionIndicate how your pet is fed (specific times vs free feeding), when, and how much.
Food Allergies & SensitivitiesDescribe any known food allergies and sensitivities. Sitters may bring treats to promote positive reinforcement of comments, positive association with the sitter, or enrichment.
Grooming Routine/NeedsIndicate what amount of grooming your pet is used to at home (brushing, bathing, clipping of nails, clipping of coat, etc.), and at what frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.), as well as where grooming tools are stored.
Grooming Aversions/ProblemsDescribe any problems your pet has will grooming. This may include trouble with the feet, nails, face, ears, brushing, detangling, general aversion, etc.
Training Commands, Rewards, CorrectionsDescribe the commands your pet readily knows. Be specific about verbal cues, and describe hand gestures if there are any. Indicate how commands are rewarded (treats, toys, attention) and any correction of misbehavior.
Favorite Toys & TreatsIndicate if your pet has any particular favorite toys or treats.
Notes section
Field nameWhat I’m asking for
VaccinationsPlease add all of the vaccinations your pet has received, the last date of vaccination, and the due date. You CAN enter expired vaccines. This information MUST be had in the event that there is ever an accident resulting in a bite.
Microchip Company & NumberIndicate microchip company and number
Medical ConcernsDescribe any health conditions your pet has (including current conditions and past surgeries) as well as any medications or restrictions.
Please list medication names, doses (ex 1 50mg pill, 1/2 100mg pill), and times.
Medical section
Field nameWhat I’m asking for
VeterinarianThe vet your pets have seen most recently. This will autofill with the vet your chose when completing “My Info”. If for any reason this pet sees a different veterinarian, please select the proper clinic.
Veterinarian section