Existing Clients: Terms of Service; Vet Release and Advance Directive

The vet release and advance directive is used to provide the utmost of care in the case of a medical emergency.
These terms of service were specifically written to meet the needs of Serenity Pet Care Professionals LLC. Please read them in full to make sure you have a clear understanding of our policies and expectations.
You can view or change these forms at any time!

To access these forms you will go into “My Forms”. Make sure the left-hand menu is open (may require clicking the 3 horizontal bars in the top left corner of the screen). Click “Petcare”, then “My Forms”. You will see a table with each of these forms listed.

To view either completed form, select the button that says “Fill Out/Review”, then use the “v” button to expand the form and view all the fields.
To change the information in your form, you will need to fill out a new one. Use the blue button in the top right corner “Fill out new” to complete a new form. The most recent form on file is the one which will be used.

Note that one vet release and advance directive form is used for all pets in the household. If you have different monetary limits for different animals, please name each animal and their individual limit, separated clearly from one another with commas. This is also true of further details: please provide the details for each pet individually in multi pet households.
Complete the form by checking the required boxes, making your individual selections for procedure if your pet is seriously sick or passes, providing your treatment cost maximum and any further directions, and entering the date and your name at the bottom of the form.